South Metropolitan TAFE, Bentley Campus

UT Consulting completed the audio visual system design, documentation, and coordination of South Metro TAFE's New Kitchen and Barista Training Spaces. Works involved providing custom AV solutions to the Barista and Kitchen area, which included a new shop front built from a collection of existing stores.

Key audio visual works for the New Training Kitchen included:

  • Providing a system with the ability to capture and record activities on the demonstration bench and send footage to four wall-mounted displays located along each side of the training kitchens (student prep area).
  • Allowing for a lecturer to connect a laptop and send content to the two wall mounted displays or the student prep area displays.
  • In the student prep area, providing a wall mounted monitor shared between two students.

In the New Barista Training Room, works included:

  • A system which allowed the lecturer to connect a laptop and send content to a wall mounted projector from the island bench area.
  • At each of the five barista stations, there was a requirement for students to record their coffee making activities.
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    Armstrong Parkin Architects
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