Since 2003, UT Consulting has been providing technology advisory and consulting services to the Justice Sector. In this capacity we have been fortunate to complete several major correctional centre projects, countless courtroom technology designs, and several international arbitration and resolution centres.


UT Consulting has been responsible for the design of over 200 courtroom technology systems domestically and internationally.

In Australia, we have complete ICT and AV technology design and documentation works for the following major courts:

  • South Australian Court
  • Magistrates Court of Victoria
  • Federal Court of Australia: Pert, Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney, and Melbourne
  • Perth District Court Building

Furthermore, nearly every Victorian court’s technology has been influenced by UT Consulting standards documentation and consulting services. Our team has also been responsible for courtroom and resolution centres internationally, most notably in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

Our involvement in the design of cutting-edge courtroom technology solutions our team has a deep understanding of the technical and operational requirements of court facilities. We have designed, documented, and coordinated the following systems throughout many of Australia’s courts:

  • Full HD Videoconferencing
  • Digital Recording and Transcription Systems
  • Interactive Collaboration and Display Systems
  • eCourt Systems
  • Prison Videoconferencing Systems
  • Legal Aid Videoconferencing Systems
  • Simultaneous Interpreting Systems
  • Court Public Address Systems

Correctional Centres

UT consulting has completed the design, tender procurement, and project management for several world-class Correctional Centres.

Notably we our team has complete the:

  • $798m Clarence Correctional Centre
  • $670m Ravenhall Correctional Centre
  • $65m Fulham Correctional Centre Expansion Project

Correctional centres in Australia can have complex requirements for technology deployments due to security risks. However, because of our experience in the space and our continual engagement with the Justice sector, we have often been responsible for deploying modern and innovative solutions into environments which typically shun new technology. Our expertise enables us to devise cost-effective and innovative solutions which comply with the Information Security Manual (ISM).

We have completed designs
and management of the
following technologies:

  • Advanced audio visual systems including video conferencing, building systems integration, and security system integration
  • Interactive educational and learning systems for prisoner
  • Active ICT infrastructure
  • Design of TeleHealth and TeleCourt systems to meet the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulations (DJR) standards
  • Advance prisoner rehabilitation with audio visual sensory rooms
  • Interactive information kiosks
  • Internet Protocol TV for streaming

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