Audio Visual Consulting

From simple applications like conducting a meeting with a colleague, to viewing patient information and charts during surgery, audio visual systems are working hard to improve how we communicate, share information, and collaborate.

Despite this, often the audio visual technology we interface with day-to-day does not receive the attention and focus it deserves. Too frequently audio visual systems are an ‘add on’ or an afterthought in a major project or office fit out. Often, the audio visual system design ends up allocated to the electrical services engineer, who lacks the methodology, experience, or understanding of how to design audio visual systems that benefit users.

At UT Consulting, we believe audio visual system design and management has reached a level of necessity and complexity to warrant dedicated, specialist, audio visual consulting resources. Audio visual technology is crucial in modern working environments and users are sick of relying on poorly integrated and barely functional systems.


UT Consulting employs dedicated audio visual consultants capable of designing systems ranging from basic videoconferencing enabled meeting rooms to operating theatres and simulation spaces.

Since 2003, our approach to audio visual consulting and design has evolved and changed due to new technologies, learnings from our completed projects, and the expansion of our team. Audio visual consulting has always been a core part of our service offering alongside our commitment to consistently improving our methodology and our team.

Our audio visual team understand the various technology standards, regulations, and requirements of modern audio visual solutions. UT consultants can design bespoke and specialised solutions for the following applications:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Presentation Spaces
  • Courtrooms
  • Foyers
  • Background Music
  • Digital Signage
  • Boardrooms
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Operating Theatres
  • Public Address
  • Collaboration Spaces
  • Broadcast
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Large Event Halls
  • Simulation Spaces
  • Room Booking
  • Wayfinding
  • Livestreaming

Further to the applications above, we have also completed audio visual designs for several experimental spaces that have involved the unique application of various new technologies.

Crucial for managing the volume of work and maintaining our stringent quality standards, we ensure all our design and drafting works are completed in-house. Because of our commitment to keeping our consulting work and drafting in-house, we can coordinate work quickly and efficiently. Currently, we deliver large volumes of design work to the high standard we have established over years of iterating on our design process.

Our Approach

Listening to the Client

During the early stages of a project, we aim to advise the client without impeding or influencing their vision for each space. For us, it is important we treat each space, unless specified otherwise, as a unique space which warrants a unique design.

During meetings or workshops our consultants will suggest initial concept designs to meet the client’s need along with an idea of what each option will cost. We make sure to listen to the client, collect all the information we can, advise accordingly, and then provide audio visual options that meet their need.

Developing the Design

Once an audio visual option is endorsed by the client and other key stakeholders, we will progress to the design works where we document the system’s requirements and functionality.

Developing the design generally includes:

  • Working closely with the client’s IT team to ensure the audio visual system is integrated with other services
  • Coordinating the electrical and data requirements with the services engineer
  • Coordinating with the architect and interior designer to ensure the technology seamless blends into its location
  • The creation of a technical specification which includes:
    • Performance requirements
    • Optimal viewing distances
    • Location within joinery, ventilation requirements, and heat tolerances
    • Colour and finish of all equipment
    • Design standards
    • Considerations for usability and user interface
  • Drawings of equipment locations and elevations
  • 3D modelling of the space (depending on the complexity)
  • Value management of the design on behalf of the client

Engaging a Contractor

Once the design documentation and technical requirements have been agreed, a suitably experience contractor must then be engaged to install the system as per our design.

There is a significant administrative burden associated with engaging an audio visual contractor capable of pricing and deploying the technology solution that meets the client’s needs. It is our role to oversee the tender process to determine which contractor is best suited to support the client’s vision. During this process, our team:

  • Prepares the design documentation for tender
  • Sources several contractors capable of delivering the works
  • Answers any of the contractors’ questions and issues tender clarifications throughout the tender period
  • Assesses all contractors’ submissions for compliance with the design
  • Assesses and weighs all contractors’ responses to secure the best contractor to complete the works
  • Assist with contractor negotiations and advise the client accordingly

Project Management During Construction

Once a contractor has been appointed and work has commenced, we provide project management services throughout the construction phase.

Our involvement during this stage is to ensure works are coordinated with the other services engineers and with the architect. Our team are involved in regular meetings during this stage, ensuring the technology package is coordinated, delivered on time, and delivered within the allocated programme. Furthermore, our resources are available to make and coordinate design adjustments where they may be required.


To ensure projects are delivered in alignment with our design and the client’s needs we ensure all contractor work is inspected post-construction.

Any defects identified by our consultants are noted and a plan for rectification is coordinated with the contractor. Our team stays involved with the project until all defects are rectified.

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