Cyber Security Consulting

Cybersecurity is essential for protecting our clients – hospitals, correctional centres, education institutions, businesses, and governments. Cybersecurity ensures countries maintain environments conducive to forming businesses and fostering business relationship by safeguarding sensitive data including health information, personal information, intellectual property, and government and industry systems.

Securing your cyber assets is critical. Frequently, there are reports of major data breaches and leaks from world-class businesses and governments. Major breaches often result in personal, financial, and health information being sold for marketing, fraud, and identity theft.

In a business context, intellectual property can be acquired and sold, and key business or product information can be leaked or sold to market competitors. There are many factors which must be considered to protect an organisation from a cyber-attack and our team focuses on providing security at the most foundational level.

What We Do

UT Consulting provides cybersecurity services for ICT infrastructure. Our team is focused on ensuring networks have the correct security architecture by making design decisions that improve resilience and reduce the risk of external threats.

Our focus on the security architecture of a network enables our team to design networks that maintain quality attributes like confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability, and assurance.

UT Consulting provide our clients with end-to-end cybersecurity preparation and strategy implementation. Our team identifies key areas in the existing technology environment that must be addressed depending on the organisation’s requirements, risk exposure, and criticality of the key items identified during review. By conducting reviews, providing recommendations, and coordinating with clients to define the requirements around contractor scope, engagement, delivery of design, we ensure technology infrastructure is implemented to align with the defined cybersecurity strategy. At the most foundational level, our approach ensures your data is safe from breaches and leaks.

Our Services

UT Consulting approaches cybersecurity by first evaluating the business requirements and using these to inform the network’s design foundation.

Our team establishes the correct base network infrastructure, which inform their understanding of potential threats, and enables them to implement appropriate security controls and policies. Core for us is ensuring the topology of our client’s network is designed to be resilient to attacks, and appropriate defence measures are implemented to reduce client risk.

UT Consulting’s cybersecurity services include:

  • Ensuring ICT technical specifications contain clear compliance requirements for contractors.
  • Conducting audits and reviews of existing network infrastructure.
  • Providing user and staff cybersecurity policies, awareness, and education.
  • Reviewing and developing organisation-wide cybersecurity strategy
  • Implementing cyber security strategy and managing technology integrator scope, coordination, and project management.

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