Communications Technology

UT Consulting has several communications technology consultants that are experts in structured cabling and system cabling design. When we are contracted to provide communications consulting services, our team works hard to provide our clients with the specialist advice they require in order to maximise the value of their communications cabling investment.

As a communications technology consultant we understand project environment and sector are critical factors with key inputs to the communications infrastructure requirements. We know the solution we design, document, and project manage must make sense contextually and must be tailored for its respective environment.

Key for us during communications technology consultancy projects is remaining conscious of the operational and aspirational objectives of a project. Both elements are crucial for designing systems which can cater to the needs of both stakeholders and users.

With the assistance of our Communications Technology Consultants, our team can deliver the following communication systems:

  • Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) including copper and fibre solutions
  • Future proofing cabling solutions
  • Nurse call systems
  • Public Address and EWIS
  • Master Antenna Television (analogue and digital systems)
  • Satellite TV systems
  • Security and Building Automation Systems (BAS) Integration
  • Facility management, messaging and paging platforms
  • Remote Monitoring of ICT networks and critical building systems.

Essential Service

The communication technology infrastructure on your project underpins a host of business-critical operations. Ensuring your project has complete coverage and access to key services is an absolute must, especially in modern working environments, hotels, hospitals, correctional centres, and education institutions.

Communications technology infrastructure is the backbone of your building which supports the various broadcasting and telecommunications services required by the user. Often your communication infrastructure is composed of several networks including the internet, cellular, fibre backend, and local area networks. However, the infrastructure is designed, it provides services for all aspects of business life and is as an essential service.

Understanding what any given project requires from a communications perspective is the domain of a communications consultant. Simply running fibre throughout an entire building is rarely the most cost effective or necessary option for our clients. Often, our team is there to provide perspective on what is required to meet current users’ communications needs and how a project can be future-proofed.

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