Education Technology

For close to two decades UT Consulting has been providing cutting-edge education technology and audio visual solutions to the Education sector. In this time, we have established a reputation for providing innovative, bespoke, and cutting-edge education technology and audio visual solutions for universities, private institutes, and secondary and primary schools. Our relationships in the industry is long lasting and we are proud of the work we have been involved in across Australia's leading educators.

Our team of specialist consultants are constantly involved in the design, documentation, and coordination of education technology systems for teaching and learning facilities across Australia. The design of audio visual technology in education environments is a core of our business, and we constantly upskilling our team, delivering premier projects, and supporting educators achieve their technology vision.

The projects we work on are varied and often include:

  • Lecture Theatres
  • Recreation Spaces
  • TV & Media Studios
  • Simulation Spaces
  • Collaboration Spaces
  • Clinical Teaching Spaces
  • Informal Learning Spaces
  • Student Accommodation
  • Meeting and Boardrooms
  • Student Services
  • Libraries
  • Student Lounges

Standards & User Experience

Education technology is an important tool in a teacher’s tool belt. Used well and a teacher can captivate students through mixed-medium learning, enhance collaboration, and allow students to consolidate their learning via recordings or videos.

Technology rich classrooms improve access to education through live streamed teaching sessions, podcasts, and online lectures.

UT Consulting has been working closely with educators for years. Our team understands what teachers want, the education technology they need to maximise their ability to impact students, and what students need to improve their access to education. We have worked with several leading tertiary educators to assess how they can improve their campus technology and we know systems must be reliable, easy to use, and consistent.

Because of the sheer number and variety of rooms across education institutions, it can often seem impossible to maintain a consistent feel to the technology. Our team has played a key role in the development of technology standards that unify the user experience, and create environments where the technology “just works”. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on creating designs that address the needs of the hearing impaired and which are capable of lifting the student’s learning experience.

If you’re a young professional working today, you probably spent a lot of time learning in a university seminar room or a lecture theatre containing a UT designed system. We are incredibly proud of our rich history working with tertiary educators and pride ourselves on our understanding of university standards, documentation requirements, and their users’ needs.

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