Technology Advisory

Technology advisory services provide our clients with access to key insights on how the delivery of complex technology infrastructure should be designed, managed, procured, and integrated within a traditional construction program. As technology has changed over time it has become an essential service required for conducting business, treating patients, educating, rehabilitating, and thriving in society.

More than ever, governments and organisations are investing in multi-billion dollar technology infrastructure solutions. As the complexity and cost of solutions has grown, so too has the requirement for dedicated specialist technology advisors. Appointing a traditional services engineer, or a single resource, to advise on the deployment of millions of dollars in specialised technology is a recipe for problems in procurement, integration, and management down the line.

Major technology deployments involve multiple specialist resources which require expert technical guidance. In our experience, a dedicated team of technology experts is required to provide advisory services that maximise the value of a technology deployment and minimising project risk.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

At UT Consulting, we understand a key part of the PPP model is ensuring taxpayer value for money while satisfying public interest through the private sector. Additional benefits for governments can also be realised within a PPP if there is access to a technology advisor which understand the nuances of a PPP project and can adapt their discipline accordingly.

Typically, UT Consulting is contracted as a senior technology advisor and manager, representing either the Government or the Project Consortium. Our team is aware of the affect a PPP model can have on procurement, stakeholder management, and the overall project objectives. Our familiarity with PPPs has proven invaluable to our clients and has enabled our team to deliver technology solutions aligned with best practice without compromising the projects budgetary restrictions.

UT Consultants have provided are or providing technology advisory services in the following major PPP infrastructure projects:

  • Frankston Hospital Redevelopment Project (VIC)
  • New Footscray Hospital (VIC)
  • Victorian Heart Hospital (VIC)
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VIC)
  • New Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (VIC)
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital (QLD)
  • New Bendigo Hospital (VIC)
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital (WA)
  • Ravenhall Correctional Centre (VIC)
  • New Grafton Correctional Centre (NSW)

Project Delivery

UT Consulting has been involved in the end-to-end provision of technology advisory services across major PPP and Managing Contractor led infrastructure projects. In this capacity, our team are experts at aligning the technology solution and procurement process with the overall construction program and various works packages.

Critical for project success, is a technology advisor’s experience managing a staged procurement process across the various required technology packages. The nature of a major infrastructure project means there is a lag between technology design and procurement which can reduce the value of the delivered technology solution if not accounted for and managed appropriately. Understanding where to sit the technology procurement in the overall construction programme and knowing the specific staging of the package is critical for aligning the technology solutions with the goals of project stakeholders.

Gaining this level of understanding has taken UT Consulting considerable time, effort, and experience. As a result, we believe we are the best in Australia at adding value through technical advisory services via our detailed understanding of staged procurement practices.

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