Walyalup Civic Centre in Fremantle

UT Consulting is proud to have provided audio visual consulting services for the Walyalup Civic Centre in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Our consultants Tom Carrie and Tristan Simpson worked closely with Kerry Hill Architects to design and document the audio visual system for 33 spaces within the Walyalup Civic Centre. These spaces included meeting rooms, multi-function rooms, children’s library, gaming zone, reception area, council chamber, and many more.

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    Sirona Capital
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Our approach was to provide flexible, user-friendly audio-visual systems that can adapt to a wide range of events and activities. We specified high-quality audio and video solutions capable of delivering clear and immersive sound and visuals. To support the ease of use of these system, we ensure control systems were intuitive and allowed users to easily use and operate the system.

One of the key challenges our team encountered during the project was the quantity of different room types, user types, and spaces. Our team designed a broad range of solutions to accommodate the various stakeholder needs. For example, some systems were optimised for presentations and meetings while others were designed specifically to accommodate gaming, entertainment, or education.

During the project, our team also designed the digital signage and wayfinding technology solution to provide visitors with information about events and services at the centre. In addition to the wayfinding, the audio visual systems were integrated with the building’s sustainable design features, including energy-efficient lighting and climate control systems.

We are proud to have been part of the project team for the Walyalup Civic Centre, which will be a vital community resource for years to come. Our audio visual systems will create engaging and memorable experiences for all users of the centre, from children attending Storytime in the library to users of the gaming zone or one of the facilities many meeting spaces.

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